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The Spring 2005 BioMod series are NOW OPEN for online registration.

BioMods are graduate level, hands-on computer-based bioinformatics mini-courses for faculty, staff and graduate students at the UW-Madison. These not-for-credit tutorials are taught in a series of 2 hr evening laboratories, typically over 4-5 days in a 2 week period during the spring and/or fall semester. Usually, 8-10 of the possible 13 topics are covered during any series, but the offered units may vary. Enrollment is free but requires pre-registration (online) after the dates are announced for the next upcoming series. Participants can enroll for any/all modules in a given series, or take additional Mods in the next series.

The BioMod tutorials are hands-on in-class exercises supervised by local instructors who are experienced in the practical use of various bioinformatics packages. The complete series covers software tutorials on: desktop molecular graphics, publication quality molecular images, automatic movies & animations, web-based database searching, sequence alignments, phylogenic reconstruction, overview of sequence databases, DNASTAR Lasergene, basic unix, and the Wisconsin Package (GCG). The current series will include:

M02- Desktop 3D Molecular Graphics
M03- Graphic Images, Surfaces, Movies & Animations
M04- Web-based Database Searching
M05- DesktopAlignments & Phylogenetic Reconstruction

M06- Using Sequences and Online Databases
M07- LaserGene & PrimerSelect (DNASTAR)

M08- Basic UNIX for GCG users
M09- Pairwise & Multiple Sequence Alignments (GCG)


Reminder: UW graduate students may also take expanded sequence analysis courses, Biochem 711 and Biochem 712 (computer lab) in Fall 2006, or Biochem 660 in Fall 2005.

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