Biochem 711: Sequence Analysis (lecture)
Note: course no longer offered as of spring 2014. Previous instructional materials and links are still active via this site.

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(Previous) graduate level lecture course for aspiring molecular biologists and genetic engineers, designed to answer the questions; What can you do with your sequence once you have it? and How can you put this information into realistic biological perspective?

In fall 2014, neither the 711 lecture or the 712 lab will be offered. Possibly, some lab topics will be revised as not-for-credit BioMod instructional laboratories through the Dept of Biochemistry in the future (fall 2014?). If so, campus mailings will announce the specific dates and times.

Topics (partial listing) will include overviews of: RNA, DNA and protein structure; mechanisms of genetic change; sequence generation methods; comparison and alignment algorithms; motif recognition; 2D predictions; phylogeny calculations; database searching; discriminating coding criteria; phenotypic selection; phylogenic reconstruction; PyMol and molecular graphics and other exciting stuff.



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