Biochem 712: Sequence Analysis (lab)
Note: as of spring 2014, 711 and 712 are no longer offered. Previous instructional materials and links are still accessible via course web links.

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Course description

(Previous) graduate level, hands-on laboratory course, taught at actual computer terminals, designed to complement and reinforce the sequence analysis concepts presented in the didactic course, Biochemistry 711.

As of spring 2014, neither Biochem 711 or 712 will be offered. Some covered a lab topics may be reoffered (fall 2014?) as not-for-credit single session instructional Biomods through the Biochem Dept. Campus mailings will announce the availability, dates and times.

Topics will include: database searching; pairwise and multiple sequence comparisons; alignments; profiles; pattern recognition; phylogenetic reconstruction; desktop molecular graphics; RNA folding; and other neat stuff.

Programs include: DNASTAR, RasMol, VMD, DeepView, PyMol, CLUSTAL, MEGA, BLAST, FASTA, and Emboss.


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