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There are more blogs on the net that can be counted. There is a blog for peer-reviewed research blogs. The following link lists concatenated blog entries from various blogs related to virology:    Research Blogging
A new blog from VIROLOGY:
Below are entries from specific blogs, all listed on the Research Blogging ( site.

Virology blog by Vincent Racaniello Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology at Columbia University Medical Center.

virology blog
About viruses and viral disease
Fri, 20 Apr 2018 01:50:30 +0000

    Viruses are falling from the skies
    Viruses with nearly identical genomes are frequently found in diverse environments that are far apart. One possible explanation for this observation is that virus particles are present in the trophosphere, where they can be carried long distances on atmospheric flow. To determine how many viruses fall from the troposphere each day, automatic collectors were placed […]
    Fri, 20 Apr 2018 01:50:30 +0000

    Trial By Error: Professor Michael Sharpe’s Gaffe on Australian Radio
    By David Tuller, DrPH *A clarification has been added to this post–see below It’s Thursday morning in Australia, and I’ve just arrived in Brisbane after a red-eye from Perth, with a week left to go on my tour Down Under. Of course I’m backed up on things I need to write about, and hope to […]
    Thu, 19 Apr 2018 01:43:37 +0000

    Trial By Error, Guest Post: Crowdfunding David Tuller Is Not a Conflict of Interest
    by Steven Lubet Steven Lubet is the Williams Memorial Professor at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, where he specializes in professional responsibility and ethics. When last we encountered Prof. Michael Sharpe, he was giving a secret speech about ME/CFS at Oxford University’s St Cross College. Titled a “Special Ethics Seminar,” Sharpe’s presentation was closed […]
    Tue, 17 Apr 2018 03:39:09 +0000

    Trial By Error: Two Interview Podcasts, and “Conflicts of Interest”
    By David Tuller, DrPH For those not yet sick of my voice, here are two more chances to hear me reiterate variations of my message: On Monday morning, I was interviewed in Perth for the radio show Mornings with Gareth Parker, on the 6PR882 Talk Radio network. (Never mind that the description in the link […]
    Mon, 16 Apr 2018 15:03:55 +0000

    TWiV 489: CD4 Hunter
    Vincent visits Sandra Urdaneta-Hartmann at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia to talk about the development of the mobile video game ‘CD4 Hunter’. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>&lt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&amp;lt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/span&amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;span […]
    Sun, 15 Apr 2018 13:04:40 +0000

    Fermentation genes in a giant algal virus
    The latest giant virus discovery is Tetraselmis virus 1, which infects green algae. It is unusual because it encodes enzymes involved in fermentation. Green beer, anyone? TetV was isolated from seawater off the coast of the Hawaiian island Oahu, and was found to infect the green algae Tetraselmis. Members of this species are found in […]
    Fri, 13 Apr 2018 01:19:27 +0000

    March for Science 2018
    Nearly one year ago I was proud to be part of the March for Science in Washington, DC. This year I March for Science in New York City, where I will be the co-Master of Ceremonies together with Jin Kim Montclare. You can download the event guide here. Please join us and show your support […]
    Thu, 12 Apr 2018 21:42:01 +0000

    Trial By Error: My Australian Tour, Continued
    By David Tuller, DrPH Last week, I spent three days in Hobart, on the island of Tasmania. Besides strolling around looking for cafes where I could drink decent coffee and write, my main work-related activity was giving a talk at Menzies Institute for Medical Research, part of the University of Tasmania. About 40 people attended, […]
    Wed, 11 Apr 2018 13:37:24 +0000

    TWiV 488: Who nose if it will work in humans
    The TWiV team reveals that recent mumps virus outbreaks in the US are due to waning vaccine efficacy, and an intranasally delivered small interfering RNA that controls West Nile infection in the brain. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>&lt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”&gt;&lt;/span&gt;&amp;lt;span data-mce-type=”bookmark” […]
    Sun, 08 Apr 2018 14:29:00 +0000

The Microbe Blog - by Moselio Schaechter & Merry Youle American Society for Microbiology:

Small Things Considered
A blog for sharing appreciation of the width and depth of microbes and microbial activities on this planet.

    Lunar … Life?
    by Gillian Belk | Four months after the first moon landing in 1969, astronauts from the Apollo 12 mission, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Alan Bean and Richard Gordan returned from the second moon landing. From the lunar surface the astronauts traveled back to Earth with moon rocks, moon soil, the Surveyor III television camera, and something remarkable.

    Microbes Make the Most of Milk
    by Rachel Diner | For the first year of our lives most of what we eat is milk. In fact, during the first four months it is the only thing we eat. For mothers, both breast milk and formula are popular options for getting a baby nourished, and while both breast milk and formula have the essentials needed to survive,...

    STC (Mycological Division) Goes to the Movies
    by Elio You may have seen the movie Phantom Thread. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, it got six nominations for Academy awards. And it deals with mushrooms, something that doesn't happen in movies very much. ...

    More on "How to Tell Up And Down"
    by Alexander Weitzel | The process I will be discussing is plant gravitropism, the ability of higher plants to sense the vector in which gravity is acting and grow parallel to that vector, either in the positive direction (shoots and leaves) or in the negative direction (roots).

    STC's Messy 'Search' Function...
    by the STC team | As much as we prefer to talk about the Small Things there are instances where we have to consider how to find them in the first place, here in our blog. Turns out this is a nuisance when using our search function, which is prominently placed at the top of the right column...

Laikaspoetnik Blog Virology/Infectious Diseases entries:

To Retract or Not to Retract… That’s the Question
In the previous post I discussed [1] that editors of Science asked for the retraction of a paper linking XMRV retrovirus to ME/CFS. The decision of the editors was based on the failure of at least 10 other studies to confirm these findings and on growing support that the results were caused by contamination. When the authors refused […]
Tue, 07 Jun 2011 13:34:25 +0000

Science Asks to Retract the XMRV-CFS Paper, it Should Never Have Accepted in the First Place.
Wow! Breaking! As reported in WSJ earlier this week [1], editors of the journal Science asked Mikovits and her co-authors to voluntary retract their 2009 Science paper [2]. In this paper Mikovits and colleagues of the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) and the Cleveland Clinic, reported the presence of xenotropic murine leukemia virus–related virus (XMRV) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells […]
Thu, 02 Jun 2011 21:34:34 +0000

Does the NHI/FDA Paper Confirm XMRV in CFS? Well, Ditch the MR and Scratch the X… and… you’ve got MLV.
The long awaited paper that would ‘solve’ the controversies about the presence of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related virus (XMRV) in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was finally published in PNAS last week [1]. The study, a joint effort of the NIH and the FDA, was withheld, on request of the authors [2], because it contradicted […]
Mon, 30 Aug 2010 03:32:21 +0000