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Jean-Yves Sgro
Inst. for Mol.Virology
731B Bock Labs
1525 Linden Drive Madison, WI 53706
virusworld - News
NEWS: Rhinovirus C15 model
Reference: Modeling of the human rhinovirus C capsid suggests a novel topography with insights on receptor preference and immunogenicity
Holly A. Basta, Jean-Yves Sgro, Ann C. Palmenberg
Virology Volume 448, 5 January 2014, Pages 176-184
Go to the C15 Model on this site | VIROLOGY highlight blog: The common cold in 3D

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Polio Virus Type 2 Lansing

PDB ID codes   1eah   |   See also: VIPER : 1eah   |   And PDBe : 1eah    |   ICTVdb Picture Gallery


Movies (see also You Tube entries below if any)

Anaglyphs are stereo pairs combined together in a single image and require a simple, cheap red/blue pair of glasses to see the image in 3D.
Glasses can be home-made (red on the left eye, Blue/Green on the right eye) or purchased in novelty stores or catalogs. 3Dimension is a 3D company that will sell such glasses, 2 pairs for $1:
ImageMagik program "combine -stereo" was used to superimpose the 2 images.

Note: The effect may not work as well on flat panel.

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