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Jean-Yves Sgro
Inst. for Mol.Virology
731B Bock Labs
1525 Linden Drive Madison, WI 53706
virusworld - News
NEWS: Rhinovirus C15 model
Reference: Modeling of the human rhinovirus C capsid suggests a novel topography with insights on receptor preference and immunogenicity
Holly A. Basta, Jean-Yves Sgro, Ann C. Palmenberg
Virology Volume 448, 5 January 2014, Pages 176-184
Go to the C15 Model on this site | VIROLOGY highlight blog: The common cold in 3D

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Reovirus Core

PDB ID codes   1ej6   |   See also: VIPER : 1ej6   |   And PDBe : 1ej6    |   ICTVdb Picture Gallery


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(**):Images from the ICTV 8th report. References and information about these images are available in the following documents as plain text or PDF format (recommended).

Virus Taxonomy: Eighth Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses Claude .M. Fauquet, M.A. Mayo, J. Maniloff, U. Desselberger, and L.A. Ball (Eds) Academic Press, 1162 pp. ; 2nd edition (June 28, 2005) - ISBN: 0122499514

ICTV approved Virus Orders, Families and Genera and Species

Permission is granted for the non-profit educational use of the ICTV images in classrooms and seminars.

Anaglyphs are stereo pairs combined together in a single image and require a simple, cheap red/blue pair of glasses to see the image in 3D.
Glasses can be home-made (red on the left eye, Blue/Green on the right eye) or purchased in novelty stores or catalogs. 3Dimension is a 3D company that will sell such glasses, 2 pairs for $1:
ImageMagik program "combine -stereo" was used to superimpose the 2 images.

Note: The effect may not work as well on flat panel.

(+): Images used as slide screen saver during the Positive Strand RNA virus 2010 in Atlanta.

Images were created from PDB coordinates from Viperdb. Most of these series of images were created with molecular graphics software Qutemol, VMD or Chimera. See "About Images" for more information about software used.

Note: The images also appear when selecting from individual virus names. While these images were used as illustrations at the +Strand RNA virus meeting, they span a wide range of RNA/DNA as either single strand or double strand. Most of these images are 1200 x 784 pixels and saved qith Quality 12 (Maximum) from Photoshop.

Permission is granted for the non-profit educational use of the PS10 images in classrooms and seminars.

Mammalian Reovirus Core as solved by Cryoelectron Microscopy and Image Reconstuction
The cryoEM data was from Tim Baker's Laborratory, Purdue University. Movies were created by Stephan Spencer

Animations of the core particle of mammalian reovirus, as solved by cryo-electron microscopy and image reconstruction. Rendered as an isosurface using Iris Explorer on a Silicon Graphics workstation.

Isosurfaces are used to portray the three-dimensional structure of the virus. An isosurface is obtained by converting the subset of electron density values in the three-dimensional array that contours a chosen threshold value (isovalue) into a surface representation approximated by polygons.

Structural elements of interest include the "turrets" at the five-fold vertices containing lambda-2 protein and the nodules on the remaining surface. Note that the mu-1 trimers and the sigma-1 spike protein are lost in the transition from ISVP to core.

Created October 1994.

We gratefully acknowledge Timothy S. Baker and colleagues at the Structural Biology Group at Purdue University for supplying us with the three-dimensional cryo-electron microscopy datasets which were used to generate these images and animations.

Dryden, K.A., G. Wang, M. Yeager, M.L. Nibert, K.M. Coombs, D.B. Furlong, B.N. Fields, and T.S. Baker. 1993. Early steps in reovirus infection are associated with dramatic changes in supramolecular structure and protein conformation: analysis of virions and subviral particles by cryoelectron microscopy and image reconstruction. J. Cell Biol. 122:1023-1041.

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